Feels like Om.

Today was a special day.

First day in two months I went out of my house for something else than grocery shopping. Lately I was quite down, basically not doing anything else than live functions and a bit of movie-watching. Sometimes tinhking about the meaning of life gets you down like that.

But today, for some reason, I decided to go out in a place I didn’t know. There was a day of workshops about all kinds of stuff (Photography, art, gardening etc.) in a huge house in Chacaritas and a friend of mine was giving Yoga classes in it. So I went. Quite an adventure to see some unknown people after such a long time where I only saw my flat-mates and the cashier of the chinese supermarket down the street.

After the workshops, it started to rain quite heavily, so everybody came back inside. In the huge living-room, there was a piano, a couple of maracas, some bongos and a guitar.

And as always when you’re with Argentines, some guy grabbed the guitar and started playing well-known tunes, the ones that you think you know but you can’t quite remember the lyrics although you’ve heard them a million times. Some other guys went aong with the rythm, gently playing the bongo and the maracas. So I started singing. U2, Police, Bob Marley -whatever came to his mind, basically.

I asked him if he knew Creep, by Radiohead.

He said yes.

He started playing.

I sang.

And it was magic. First I wasn’t too sure of my voice, but I was feeling good, so I sang on. Everybody in the room just went silent while we were going through the song. I sang with all my heart. Sadness. Wounds. Hopes. Joy. I sang the whole song.

At some point he came up with a second voice completing mine. And for a simple second, my eyes crossed his, and the music felt perfect. We had it, we had the harmony.

I saw him smile and I smiled back, completely concentrated in my singing, with a jolt of electricity joining our eyes – not lust, not humour, not anything else than the pure joy of music.

That little second of vibration stayed like an infinity sign revolving for ever in the blue emptiness of the universe.

Today’s piece of music is a really cute (though wery famous) cover of Stand By Me by, well, you’ll see.


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